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Nancy Reese, Pianist

Delighted that you are here — and would love to hear what drew you to my site. Do you struggle with expressive or technical challenges? Or are you sidelined with an injury (even focal dystonia)? Do you simply wish to play with more color, freedom, and joy? You’ve come to the right place.

Reese Piano Technique is a reinvention of piano technique, born out of my own struggle with hand injuries and surgeries which led to 11 years of retraining. Though retraining brought me out of pain, it did not remove layers of accumulated tension. Nor could it bring expression and color back into my playing.

So I had to find my own way over three decades of playing, teaching, research, and helping injured pianists play again. My Story.

These life-changing discoveries can enable you to achieve lofty technical and expressive goals for your own playing and teaching — and I can’t wait to share them with you!


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Paul's Keyboard.jpg

Are you wondering what happened to the keys on this Steinway D?

This piano belongs to one of my students, a pianist and composer. And he has focal dystonia. His right hand caused this key damage when his 2nd finger would clench uncontrollably causing his fingernail to dig into the keys.




Like most pianists with focal dystonia, this student was taught that “a good technique” required strong, independent fingers; arm weight; a strong “arch”. Not so. These myths continue to prevent pianists from playing effortlessly and expressively.


 The Relearning Process Begins…Removing Weight


Finger Being Moved by the Key 


 Zen and the Art of Piano